Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Excess' update

The fiction anthology is now available online (14 of the 15 stories, that is - one was left out of the web version on the author's request). Here's the link. Do try to get hold of the print version though - the layout is easier on the eye and the illustrations look better.

(Montage borrowed from Nisha's blog)


  1. Sid..no more the kid9:21 PM, December 23, 2008

    Jabberwock- Thanks a tonne for this wonderful info and link.
    Hope you wont mind my asking, but can you share some sites/links where I can find such works online?

  2. A useful compilation. It convinced me to read Altaf Tyrewala's next book, while convincingly eliminating at least two people - Chakraborti, Satwik - from my 'to read' list.

  3. Falstaff: I'm thrilled that a lad of your discernment liked even a single story here. Any others that passed muster/weren't too intolerable?

    On another note, I would've loved for you to contribute to this issue (especially after reading "Bringing up the Sea" in the new First Proof), but there was some sort of insistence on "published authors", whatever that might mean in this day and age. Pity.

  4. J'wock: Oh, I loved the Anjum Hasan story - after Lunatic in my Head (which was at least one-third an excellent book) Hasan is currently my pick for most promising fiction writer, so it's nice to see she's able to keep it up. I also enjoyed the contributions from both the graphic artists. And I liked Vivek's piece - though I think he's a better poet than a short story writer.

    Most of the others weren't bad / intolerable, just a little lackluster (I thought the Padmanabhan was a neat idea, but it went on way too long). But all of that was as expected. Tyrewala was the only one whose entry surprised me by how good it was.

    Overall, though, an interesting collection, and my compliments to you and everyone else involved in putting it together. I do think it showcases how much raw talent there is out there, but I also think it shows how much further that talent needs to be pushed.

    And thanks.