Friday, September 01, 2006

Watching Agassi-Baghdatis...

...ageing Andre is two sets up as I type this and (apologies to Macbeth) who would have thought the old man to have had so much leg left in him? Even the kindest predictions were allowing him a set at most in what was supposed to be a fairly straightforward win for Baghdatis. Most of the crowd, even Agassi’s biggest fans, probably assumed they’d be watching his last performance here, but now they realise that might not be the case and the atmosphere is amazing. Even Steffi G is bounding about the place on the big points. Super to watch.

(And in full disclosure, one reason for this filler post is that I don’t want the Yeti pic in the last one to occupy centre court.)


  1. n now dat he has won...

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  3. Damnit. I don't get to see Andre. I have tickets for the open on Wednesday only...

  4. 'spity he lost to Becker. Deserved a little more drama, a bigger stage for his exit.