Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fitness: the sequel

Hear ye! I’m off to the Ganges to strike flamingo-like poses and do penance for my many recent sins (such as writing good things about a film starring the evil Sanjay Dutt).

Actually, am going to Rishikesh on work for a few days (it’s partly a yoga-related story so there might be some posing anyway). The first 3-4 days will be quite routine with plenty of running about, fixing appointments and such, but I'll wind the trip up by spending a couple of relaxed days at this very nice Himalayan spa. Should help me hone my recently acquired talent for getting massaged, but this time without a photographer in attendance.

Probably won't have Net access (or time to get online) for most of the trip. Back on the 21st.


  1. Trust they will find your imbalance in the main bio energies (3 Doshas, called Vata, Pitta and Kapha) ....
    and you'll soon be back all health and harmony!

  2. Unfair is what this is!

    Why do *you* get to do all the fun stuff??

    We are totally sulking now.

  3. what does one need to get in this profession?

  4. while you are washing away your 2 cents worth (of sins) perhaps some of us could fed ex our dollars (of sins) too . You know what thay say about outsourcing .....
    Njoy !!!!

  5. "This very nice Himalayan spa" indeed!! It is THE Himalayan spa (as you well know) you lucky DAWG you!

  6. Jai. Hope you find (or run into) the love of your life there.

    *evil laugh*

  7. They're fairly snotty and racist types at the AS. Also aggressive vegetarians and into colonic irrigation.
    Have fun getting rimmed!

  8. you might change your mind about getting massaged when they suspend a pot of hot oil over your forehead while you wait for drops to tapko at irregular intervals.

    if you're not reduced to a nervous wreck at the end of the trip, you'll know you're ready to step onto the spiritual path with gay abandon (see DD's comment above).

  9. Hey,
    Have a nice time up there. I have seen the pics of the spa; looks inviting enough. Though I haven't been there myself.
    Perhaps on return u might try ur hand at one of the white rafting camps, trying to nurse the ganges running down its last exicted lap. Have done it myself; is a great exp.

  10. you get paid to do this?

    Damn you.

  11. ah, must be for that silly 'spa' guidebook those jobless people are bringing out. honestly, i am not envious, and that's not just my belly speaking!