Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Samit’s put up a fantastic series of articles/interviews on speculative fiction in India - as seen in children's literature, the work of the south Asian diaspora, and comics/graphic novels. Just go here and keep scrolling down – these are long and comprehensive posts, and there are many of them. Highlights: interviews with Vandana Singh, Matthew Cheney, Jeff VanderMeer, and a really long one with Ashok Banker. (I'm also pleased to note that the duckling has prudently censored a couple of bits from my interview, since some of the responses I sent him on email were facetious and not all that well thought out - I didn't realise the thing was going to be published, otherwise I would never, never have said those vulgar things about Hanuman-ji and the Lankan women!)

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  1. Jabber,

    I liked your interview, and must admit that I have also long nursed a secret desire for Mahaporno. Specifically, for instance, I've been curious to know what Ravana might be able to do, simultaneously, with all those heads (the ones you don't see).

    Well, what to do. One doesn't even see or expect that kind of creativity from Western pornography, right?