Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Holy boney, Batman!

For copious chuckle-inducement, see this site called Seduction of the Innocent, which has scans of old comic book covers/panels with inadvertent sexual innuendo (link via Maud Newton). I especially enjoyed this one about Batman and the Joker intent on giving each other “boners” (I’m not even sure what the term might have meant in the original context). There’s also one about Archie “beating off” a lot of guys to save Betty, and another with a cowboy trying to "ride" and "break" superman (broke-back mounting?).


  1. Talking of unintentional sexual inuendoes, you should read Georgette Heyers. The gallant hero, wanting to see his lady astride (there) a superior horse will say very politely "Do let me have the mounting of you". :D

    Also Agatha Christies. '"Tcha!" Poirot ejaculated'. Fun comes. Heh.

  2. Oh come now, are you really going to see sexual innuendo every time a character ejaculates?!

    Uh, I mean...what did I just say again?

  3. And the "do let me have the mounting of you" is almost certainly tongue-in-cheek. HAS to be.

    "Tongue-in-cheek". Hmmm.

  4. Well, then, while we're still on the subject of willful misreadings, I might as well add my "discovery" of hidden sound homoerotica in John Keats, one psychedelic (hint, hint) evening [the whole poem, "To ***" is rather obvious too, and can be found at: http://www.bartleby.com/126/15.html ]: For instance,

    for Keats' line "No cuirass glistens on my bosom’s swell;", one should obviously read, "No queer ass glistens on my bosom's swell"

    and for K's line, "Ah! I will taste that dew, for me ’tis meet," on should obviously read, "Ahhh! taste that dew, for me 'tis meat."


  5. Oh, and boner = "a blunder or an error". From bone[head] + er

  6. Read this article on innuendos in the seemingly innocuous "Tintin" .. apparently it is full of such red herrings for one with a fertile imagination ...

  7. I liked a recent news item in the Indian Express on how a Russian drug dealer named "D'Mitry" escaped from custody in Mapusa after "fisting" a constable.