Sunday, July 02, 2006


The Sunday Times of India has a story titled "Could you be bisexual?" Nothing too remarkable about the piece either way; among other things it informs us that both chimpanzees and starfish exhibit bisexual tendencies (though hopefully not with each other). But what to make of this intro:
Like blogs and iPods once were, this is the new buzz today. Everybody is saying that everyone else is "bi".
iPods are passe? Already?


  1. The speed of change today is said to be so fast that it even leaves futurologists behind. This is in keeping with that idea. Marketing concentrates on the binaries of in/out, hot/not, and the excerpt you quote is a juvenile attempt at something similar.

  2. and I didn't even get to be rich enough to afford one!! no fair!! Then again, it's the TOI-let paper anyhow.
    Commenting here after a long, long time, incidentally.

  3. Let's see. Blog? check. i-Pod? check. Bisexuality? Quick, some guy have sex with me.

    On the other hand, the NY Times had an article a while back about how bisexuality is just a myth. Everyone has a favourite gender. Apparently they exposed subjects to sexual stimuli and measured response times for both genders, and found that almost everyone reacted significantly to one gender over the other, even those who claimed to be bisexual.

    The things people will do for a PhD, I tell you.

  4. Blog? Yes. iPod? Hell yes. Bisexual? We'll see...