Saturday, July 01, 2006

Can't freaking believe this!

Those morons at Star Sports are showing a dead ODI between England and Sri Lanka instead of the Agassi-Nadal match!!

*shakes head in disbelief for 107th time in last 10 minutes*


  1. Hope you enjoyed the dead ODI.

    I trust that you are referring though to one with the record breaking Sri Lankan opening partnership, the game where Sri Lanka piled up 100 in just 8 overs, and where we saw an innings from Jayasuriya beyond words.

    Enjoyed every ball of it. Hell, didn't even think about the tennis or the footy while Jaya was going full tilt and mauling the Poms.

  2. Yes, referring to the very same. Watching run-gluts on pitches where bowlers no longer figure in the game stopped exciting me sometime in early 1997 - when all those ridiculous matches in Colombo and Sharjah were happening. And hell, watching Nadal play the way he is these days is far more exciting than anything J'suriya can do. Also, with this being Agassi's last match at Wimbledon...

  3. Eh, I'm biased.

    Run gluts are one thing, but it's another thing when Jayasuriya's cutting loose. I loved watching him bat in the 96 World Cup (even remember skipping bits and pieces of the Ind/Pak QF to watch him flay England all over), and since then became a massive fan.

    This knock was literally a trip back in time to those days when he'd dominate the bowlers with slashes, cuts and some ferocious timing. It's great to see a legend leave a stage, but it's just as enjoyable to see a legend return to his old golden form for a day or so in his old age.

    [Then again, I'm a cricket tragic, so I really wouldn't have concerned myself with Wimbledon or the World cup either way.]

  4. You still not watching football, are you?

  5. I am, I am! Have seen all four quarter-finals despite knowing very little about the players. Zidane was beautiful yesterday.

    Still have problems about it being such a "team game" though :)

  6. Nadal matches are generally very boring due to his style of playing.

  7. And I thought I missed the Agassi Nadal match.. now I dont feel so bad!

  8. I guess with the profusion of action in the world of sports the folks at star were caught off guard .. zizou lives !!

  9. True.
    I did not care much for what was happening on Ten Sports (am I glad that the series is finally over!) and ESPN also that time.
    Nadal on grass sure is exciting now, what with the way he has picked up his game on this surface.