Thursday, February 09, 2006

Amer Fort photos

One pic is worth a thousand words blah blah blah (even when it’s taken with a creaky old regular camera) – so here are a few from Amber/Amer, which was the capital of the old city of Jaipur. If you’re visiting Jaipur for the first time and have only a few hours to spare, do prioritise a sightseeing excursion to the Amer Fort - it’s well worth it.

(Click pics to enlarge - though I'm not sure the facility is working; Blogger has been acting up.)

A section of the fort seen from across the lake. Wish I had a wide-angle lens for this one, the view was spectacular beyond anything that can be conveyed here.

Worm's-eye view of the Diwan-e-Aam, which blends Hindu and Mughal styles of architecture. Note the elephant-head carvings at the top of the pillars.

Self in fort. The only pic where I don't look like a cantankerous, sleep-deprived, reluctant tourist – though the relatively animated expression is only because the guide taking the photo nearly dropped the camera a couple of seconds earlier.

Sheesh Mahal: part of a wall and ceiling.

A wider view.

Palace gardens by the lake.

Oliphaunt. Tourists being taken up to the fort on elephant-back. After an accident a few months ago resulted in the death of a mahout, the length of the ride was reduced.

A relief on one of the Sheesh Mahal pillars. The flower on top was carved to incorporate the features of six or seven different animals/insects – you have to cover various parts of the carving with your hands to make out the features more clearly. There's a lion's tail in there, a fish's body, a cobra's head and even a scorpion, a butterfly and an ant.

More later.


  1. you know, I had been to the Amer Fort way back on a school trip when I was in class 4 - your pictures brought back a lot of those fascinating images form my childhood. Nice pictures (except the one with you scowling)

  2. Great! Did you go to the City Palace? Once there was some king named Sawai Madho Singh I and I'm told he was 9' tall and 4' wide! They have one pajama of his in display and this thing is obscenely HUGE!

  3. It's a very complete space, really. I arrived here because of the posted called Asa-Nisi-Masa (as my space's named in MSN) and I was fascinated by the pictures from your country. Perhaps it's an unnecessary datum, but I'm from Spain, and your country suggests us fascination and revulsion (it's too hard for some people to know about the misery that another folks have to suffer) in a fifty-fifty proportion.
    As you can see, I'm not really very good at English, but I hope being capable to increase my level soon. Don't get pissed for the grammar mistakes... I make them a lot.
    Best wishes,

    Me :P

    PS: Mi dirección de correo electrónico es, en caso que no te importara practicar el inglés conmigo.