Thursday, January 05, 2006

Amity sued

From JAM magazine, a story about Amity Business School being sued by six students after the AICTE withdrew its approval to the institute’s PGDM course. Key issues include inadequate infrastructure and the institute going back on its word that it would refund fees to students who opted to leave.

I did a bit of legwork for the story (some of my inputs here) but 99 per cent of the work has been done by Rashmi, and congrats to her. Hope the abuse doesn’t reach the levels touched when the IIPM controversy happened.

The full story here (read all five links).


  1. Wishful thinking. Amity is not going to confront any 'blogger' by ways and means of abuse or legal notifactions. Rashmi Bansal skinning about Amity isn't the same as Aamir khan speaking out against the Narmada dam, simply put, she has NO STANDING beyond the 'blogosphere'. About Amity University, it is the only pvt university to have endured the Chhatisgarh fiasco and has over 15 yrs of imparting knowledge and skill behind it, so obviously it has people immoderately covetous of its standing. I don't know what Rashmi Bansal's means of funding, or why she is suddenly after AMITY during admission season, but we will know her motives when the UGC approval to AUUP which is in the pipeline and the fee reduction of 40% in the next session comes through (whether she reports it or not) A piece of advice for you gentle blogger, before camping behind some youth mag editor you haven't personally met, kindly pay a visit to the sec 125 campus, I promise to personally show you around. My email add - I appreciate your lively interest and sense of social responsibility. If only you could post more about reservations and other pressing concerns facing this country, than bash an imaginary boogeyman

  2. Oh wait. I just looked it up. You work for Rashmi Bansal! You are the guy who 'visited' sec-44 campus with her 'crack' team. You get PAID to post this on your blog. Good job putz, boss will be really happy - a promotion to chief petty officer is awaiting comformation. Btw is it just a coincidence your name says 'Jai Arjun Singh' or is that really your name? In any case your credibility is henceforth zilch. Quick, delete this post, you don't have the balls

  3. Hahahahaha…
    Thanks, "", for two of the funniest comments I’ve ever received on this blog (and believe me, I’ve received many). Will be sure to include them on my next year-end comments list (for previous edition, see here).

    Loved this bit in particular:

    is it just a coincidence your name says 'Jai Arjun Singh' or is that really your name?

    Excellent work. Thanks again!