Friday, December 30, 2005

Year-end list: the comments parade

Bollocks to all those top 10 book/film lists. Since blogging is supposed to be a synonym for navel-gazing, here are some of the most entertaining comments I received this year (actually only the last 3-4 months or so - who has the patience to go through so many rambling posts?)

On review posts

Anonymous said...
an astonishingly bad review. your verbosity, my friend, hides your incompetence well. but do remember that not everyone is as easily fooled.

Anonymous said...
jai, agreed u'r a fine writer...but i dont't think that gives u the licence to hold forth on anything and everything.

(Anything and everything? But I haven’t blogged about stem cell research yet! And I’ve only written 350 posts this year...)

Pratinayak said...
After reading yer article, i have come to a conclusion that a silent movie puts you off. You want to hear voices. You missed the talking done by the face expressions of each character in both movie Company and Sarkar.

Cinephile said...

Anonymous said...
I had sex with a 40 year old woman (I was 14) with Strangers on the Train playing in the background.

Getting to know the Jabberwock

Sumeet Kaul said...
You are my man! For many years now, I have been looking for someone who shares my fear of roaches.

(Hope you continued working on the side, Sumeet)

amit varma said... how was your suhaag raat? tell all again...

(Uh...this one needs to be read in context)

Anonymous said...
dear jabberwock,
have been reading your blog for nearly six months now.
Was just wondering, with the amount of books you read and movies you see, if you have anything resembling a social life!
Rahul S

not_tinkerbell said...
I dreamt about you! You were singing(!), and playing a Tanpura(!!) and the song was Rehte the kabhi jinke dil main (!!!).
....I'm beginning to worry about me.

Anonymous said...
yes, 12 years [working on a books page outside India] was fun. got paid a lot. you'll never know the feeling. also, yes, flawless education. again, something you'll never have access to.
best (really),

Anonymous said...
jabberwock: by amateurs, for amateurs.

Anonymous said...
J, srsly, i'd thought u wd delete my comment.
but now that u've chosen to bare it all, my respect for u has gone a notch higher :)

Anonymous said...
Jabberwock, your sarcastic apology only underscores your cockiness and maybe even arrogance. You are talented no doubt, but a little sensitivity and humility would be even more appreciated.

On the Julia Roberts post (where I criticised her for having too many teeth)

Anonymous said...
you are biches did sche ever did anything to make you think and say those things she's just a person with a successfull career which you probably don't have you're probably yalous because your life isn't as
interesting as hers ..which is pathetic cause it's not her fault your
miserable! xxx have fun with your shrink

Anonymous said...
Do you have false teeth/no teeth/decaying teeth?

On Sanjeev Kumar

Anonymous said...
hey! don't say anything bad about my sanjeev, he is my idol. i love him. i am trying to get all of his movies, and started drawing his photos. i have made him my hobby, to watch his movies and draw him. he will always be in my heart. i am just so sorry that he died so young. i wish i had the priveledge of meeting could a woman turned him down, i wish i had that opportunity to be with him. leela

Anonymous said...
how can anyone sj is not a good actor. have anyone seen nayi din nayaa raat. have any other actor attempted to do so many different
roles in one movie. i think that sanjeev is one of the greatest and most hansome actor in his times. every one has his or her own taste. one man meat is another man's poison.
And my favourite:

Anonymous said...
What a lot of self-important wankers you all are.
The Gita says "Do not wank simply out of a self-importance/
Wank only that you may reduce your chances of falling into lust in inappropriate times and places/
And when you wank, wank such that the seed of your wanking will
resound through the three realms and give pleasure to all those who cannot wank/"

So please do continue to desecrate this blog, dear trolls, wannabes and books page editors in "other countries" - but do it creatively, as in the above example. Who knows, that might in turn lead you to start your own blog, and then we’ll have another addition to our intellectually pretentious, self-indulgent, group-hugging "community".

And happy 2006 to you all.


  1. :D have been reading ur blog for quite some time now, and wish you the same.

  2. Hi, I started reading your blog today. It is quite entertaining. Wish you happy new year!

  3. I think this is my favourite year end post so far :)
    Can't wait to see the post about stem cell research, btw, when's that due? :)

  4. reading your blog really eases off all my year-end stress...

  5. Ok...I admire your patience that you went through the comments and collected the best rather the wittiest that you thought were the wittiest...

    I will not be nasty here, but have to add half of the comments show yuo in bad light, is that a satisfying experience? One up for 2006 ...hic!


  6. Brilliant.:)

    Happy new year! *sends virtual hugs and alcohol*

  7. Next thing u know, there'll be a scramble for the Top Commentator position in your blog...

    Me in the fray too, see have already started. (Panting, but happy) Have a good year-end and NY, anyway :-)

  8. Bloody hilarious!

    Perhaps polite commentors should learn from this and spout vitriol so they may have a better chance to get quoted like this. ;-)

    Wish you a very happy new year, and no hang-over on the morning after.

  9. And the prize for the best commentator? I guess it's dinner with the Jabberwock (aloo methi, justabout burnt).

    Happy New Year, Jai.

  10. Sarcasm is a lost cause. Look at the comments in this one.
    on second thoughts, actually such people quadruple the fun.

    that not_tinkerbell was absolute hilarity....jabberwock with a tanpura trying to that's an image I don't want to get out of my head :D

    Also(self-plug), I am now venturing out into selling flawless education and social life. My email-id is on my profile page if you need to contact me.

    Wish you a Happy 2006!

  11. Just the bleady too much it was I am saying to you after reading all the comments!!! Mebbe I should start reading your blog now!! ;) A happy new year to you!

  12. That even such high-quality prolific bloggers like you get such nasty comments and trolls is only because there hasn't been enough economic liberalisation in India.

  13. happy new year, billy goat gruff.

  14. Thanks everyone. Uh, the “happy 2006 to you all” was actually meant for the trolls, malcontents and other imprecators. But now that you mention it, happy new year to you lot as well!

    East Street: not wittiest, funniest. Big difference.

    “half of the comments show yuo in bad light.”

    That’s why they’re funny (as opposed to witty)

    eM: this wasn’t intended as a year-end post actually - but okay, guess I can lay off blogging for a day and a half!

    Shivam: shoo! shoo! I’m an honorary libertarian myself, remember?

  15. There once was a blogger named jabberwock
    Who wrote about books and gave no shock
    So while ending the year and taking stock
    He told the trolls to go suck his cock.

  16. Jabberwock's Sock11:14 PM, December 31, 2005

    Aaaah much enjoyment was head..sorry had.

  17. Came here looking for the year-end books round up. This was fun. Wish you a fab 2006.

  18. A happy 2006 to you too! I prefer 'pseudo-intellectual' to 'intellectually pretentious', but I suspect they don't mean the same. Jabber on boldly where no man has jabbered before!

  19. So I write a compulsive confession
    Software engineering used to be my profession
    Had a nice time at the Delhi blog session
    I write sometimes with a lot of agression

    (and I wrote the above anonymous rhyming one as well. )

    Who Am I?

  20. Bugger, I was supposed to log in as anonymous. Whoops.

  21. WHOA!! I just spied my name on the Sanjeev Kumar comment. It isn't ME! I haven't attempted drawing anything for years now. :)

  22. Hi Jai,

    can you link this thisin a post?

  23. Though not wishing us.. wish u a very happy new year too.. superb rolfl post.. long time since I did that...:D

  24. hey leela, you are not the only one name leela. i am the one who posted that comment.