Saturday, October 22, 2005

A quick tip...

…for Delhi- and Bangalore-based movie enthusiasts who grumble about the lack of non-mainstream film screenings in the big theatres. Anup Kurian’s 2004 film Manasarovar (which won the best film award at the International Film Festival of Mumbai earlier this year) is being shown at Cinema Europa, Gurgaon and at PVR Bangalore this week, its first commercial release in these cities, so do try to catch it if you're interested. (For details about timings etc you’ll have to call the theatres up because the newspapers haven’t listed it, for reasons best known to them.)

For more on the film, here’s the official site and a couple of other links.

Note: I haven’t seen it myself though I hope to be able to hotfoot it to Gurgaon sometime in the middle of a very busy week. But I’m glad low-budget, low-profile movies are finally making it to the PVRs, though it’s still happening on a very small scale and they’re still given stepsisterly treatment. (Which, incidentally, is also the subject of my next film column for Business Standard.)

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  1. yep wanting to catch.. and looks like will have to see it at the 10.30 pm timing! uff...:)