Saturday, October 22, 2005

Another milestone...

…in the history of this humble blog. Courtesy BlogPatrol, I discovered that sometime last night the phrase “suhaag raat experience” overtook “Matrubhoomi review” to become the second most widely Googled term to lure visitors to my blog. (The most widely googled term is still “Jabberwock”, by a big margin.)

Other phrases in the top ten:

- Rahul Dravid biography

- Suhaag raat how was it

- Asa Nisi Masa

- Tasteless costumes

- Is Rahul Dravid Marathi?

- Suhaag raat how is it

- Funniest song ever


  1. So how was your suhaag raat? Tell all again.

  2. shhhh Amit, or the moral police will come and get you.

  3. I'm rather curious about your suhaag raat experience too. Do tell.

  4. Ha! and there you were putting all this thought and effort into maintaining an erudite blog about books and movies, when all you really needed to do was write one really funny song about Rahul Dravid taking off the tastless costume of the Indian Cricket team on his suhaag raat and you'd be done! :-). Humbling thought innit?

  5. Everyone seems to have voyeuristic tendencies..sheeesh :)But Jai, call me when you decide to narrate your suhaag raat tale :)

  6. And guess what led to my blog?

    "Suhaag Raat Jabberwock".....

    People are really really interested.....