Monday, January 03, 2005

What I did, and resolutions

Some of the things I did on Jan 1 (can’t reveal all):

- Got up at 6.30 AM, having slept at 11 the previous night. Considered making calls to annoy friends who would’ve been up till 3, either revelling outright or discussing the tsunami tragedy gloomily over many glasses of rum.

- Bought my 2005 diary. It’s usually a pain finding one, because I need separate pages for Sundays, which most of them don’t have.

- Drove many miles to meet Rajat, who’s in Delhi for a few days, having completed Wharton semester 1. Meeting him was, apart from everything else, a reminder of how much I’ve progressed with my blogging. Back in August or so, he was among those (the others being Rumman and Abhilasha) who encouraged me to get down to it. But in the months since he’s hardly posted anything himself, while I’ve toted up nearly 100,000 words.

Resolutions? None, or at least nothing I’ve defined by that term. A few weeks ago I decided that I needed to cut down on my tea and coffee consumption (since I haven’t succeeded in reducing the sugar quota per cup), and it’s been happening gradually. Very gradually. The office vending machine does what it can to help, by proffering ant carcasses (yes, plural) with the tea every now and again. Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, as the trumpeters go.

Some things I definitely won't do this year:

- Turn vegetarian

- Read more than six books simultaneously

- Shoot an elephant*

Blogwise? Am thinking of dividing the right-hand links section of this blog into categories, so I can put up some of my previous book and film reviews. Don’t want to get into the hassle of starting three or four different blogs for different types of writing.

* "Last night I shot an elephant in my pyjamas. How he got into my pyjamas I'll never know." -- Groucho Marx


  1. Good New Year post.As for me,I made a resolution that I WONT make a resolution to quit smoking this year, which in itself is a big achievement.So am happy.:)

  2. hey happy new year..!
    since u mentioned it in your post and am going to be politically incorrect and ask you, how does one list fav links on one's blog...? do i need working knowledge of HTML or do i need to register somewhere?