Monday, January 03, 2005

A recommendation

If you're into personal year-end book and film lists, check out these marathon posts here, here and here, by Nakul Krishna. I used to accuse Samit Basu (who never stoops to making book lists, he's too busy writing books) of being just out of his diapers, but Nakul is just 18 - 18! I was putting away my Hardy Boys at that age (ok, mild exaggeration but you get the idea). Incidentally, further down on his blog you'll also find the very nicely done "Shiv Market by Vikram Seth" and "Hairy Rotunda by Arundhati Roy" - Nakul's takes on the Modern Humorist "What if writers wrote on titles that were anagrams of their own names?"


  1. Hey thanks :) If that doesn't do something for my hitcount, nothing will. Off to change diapers now.

  2. ouch.
    look, i dont read that much, ok? if i dont make book lists, it looks like i do. happy now?