Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Help needed for Kambli the desi pup

Attention animal lovers — please read this and see if you can help in any way, or spread the word to anyone else who might be able to.

Archana Sreenivasan is currently fostering Kambli, an 8-month-old paraplegic and incontinent male puppy. He is an Indie and was rescued from a construction site as a 3-month-old with a spinal injury. After that, he was moved to two different shelters, and finally Archana brought him to her home in Bangalore three weeks ago because he wasn't getting the care he needed at the earlier shelter. She is unable to adopt him, and has not been able to find anyone else who can adopt him.

In Archana’s words:

"Kambli will not do well in any shelter in Bangalore. He needs extra care and multiple vet visits, which no shelter will have the bandwidth for. Kambli's urine needs to be expressed 5 times a day and he needs a surface that is smooth for him to drag himself about on (when he's not in his wheel cart.)
I came to know that some of the rescue dogs of Delhi are fortunate enough to find homes outside India, in the US, Canada and Netherlands, and I couldn't help dreaming for Kambli. I tried contacting the folks in Delhi who work on these international adoptions but haven't received any response from them.
I can help financially with Kambli. I can have him transported wherever required. I'm willing to help in any other way I possibly can, if anyone is willing to help out with his case.
Kambli needs a home, or he will not survive.”

Among the people Archana is trying to reach are:
Dr. Premalata Choudhary (
Vandana Anchalia or Kannan Animal Welfare (

But if anyone has suggestions for others who might be able to help, please weigh in. (One complication is that most agencies and shelters - Friendicoes etc - already have more dogs than they can handle, especially with people abandoning pets every day.)

Please feel free to share this post, or the poster I have included. Updates, including videos of Kambli, are on his Instagram page, here.

Please help if you can.

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