Monday, April 04, 2016

Coming soon, The Blueberry Hunt

Very pleased for Anup Kurian, whose film The Blueberry Hunt is releasing in selected halls on April 8, more than five years after it was completed. Do look out for it. I got to see a few days of the shooting in the beautiful hill town of Vagamon in 2010; here are two posts from the time:

- A long conversation with Naseeruddin Shah, about his preparation for this film as well as other aspects of his career

- Anup on his 'small' movie: the many difficulties in making a low-budget film, as well as the advantages of the Internet age

For more on the film, see the official website. And the Facebook page is here.


  1. Sometime back, I was wondering whether this movie got a release or no. Good that it is releasing. Thanks for letting know.

  2. Naseeruddin Shah one of the top class actor we have in bollywood. He has excelled in acting and does the best in any role which is given to him.