Sunday, January 17, 2016

Children's book awards: Dead as a Dodo and other winners

The Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Awards for children’s books were announced yesterday at the Lit for Life festival in Chennai. Manjula Padmanabhan, Anil Menon and I were the jury for the fiction category, and after some fun email exchanges we gave the prize to Venita Coelho’s wonderful Dead as a Dodo, a travel-adventure in which three special agents (a human, a tiger and an overenthusiastic monkey) set out to rescue the world's last surviving dodo. But I’d also strongly recommend the other books on the shortlist: Mohit Parikh’s Manan (which I wrote about here), Mathangi Subramanian’s Dear Mrs Naidu and Samit Basu’s The Adventures of Stoob: Testing Times. Plus another book I enjoyed hugely while I was reading the initial list of submissions: Shabnam Minwalla’s The Strange Haunting of Model High School.

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  1. Hi Jai
    Would have have recommendations for 7-8 year old by any chance?