Sunday, March 30, 2014

Viewers don't digest! Actors in a pickle!

More from the Pune film-library archives. Here is a letter to the editor in Filmfare magazine, shortly after they introduced the column "Readers Don't Digest" (in 1964 or 65, I think), which encouraged readers to point out plot loopholes, continuity errors and lack of logic in films.

Says the lady, optimistic of heart and teacherly of soul: producers and movie-goers will learn a much-needed lesson, films will get better, and so will the world in general.

Yet the column is still going strong 50 years later, and is arguably the most entertaining thing in the magazine. Long live Unrealism.

And while on things that may be more easily digested, here is a mid-50s ad from Screen magazine - Yusuf saab ki "apni zubaani".

[Also from the archives - Nirupa Roy and Baburao Patel]


  1. I wonder what my tongue would taste like packed in this bottle...and what I would taste it with.

  2. i'm biting my tongue ;)

  3. looks expensive for the mid-50's, though they do warn in the ad "this is not a cheap product"