Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bride of Frankenstein

Having lately discovered that Karna and Superman are the same person, I have now unearthed similarities between Draupadi and the Frankenstein monster. This is best illustrated with screen grabs from the Star Plus Mahabharat and old movie versions of the Mary Shelley story.

First, behold how the monster (in the 1910 film, that is) and Draupadi are each born of fire – though one emerges from a vat, the other from a sacrificial yagna:

(More about the fire scene in that old Frankenstein film here)

Next, mark ye, that both these hapless creatures (still coming to grips with the strangeness of the world around them) are surprised by their reflections in a mirror:

As they settle in, they each befriend a little girl and sit with her by the side of a pond, playing with flowers and such.

Much of the emotional impact of those scenes comes from the knowledge that the fire-princess and the monster have never experienced the joys and wonders of childhood. But grown-ups can have fun too. Here is Paanchali doing something that would get Boris Karloff lurching manfully towards her swayamvara:

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  1. Was the old Frankenstein film by Pathe? Because then you could have made a supercut of the scenes & called it Pather Paanchali...

    Ok, I will go away... :-)

  2. Ha ha ha ha I really liked the second last pic. That actress seem to be doing whatever comes to her mind. Lol

  3. Hehe. I haven't seen Bride of Frankenstein and haven't been following the latest Mahabharat, but this is priceless. Inspired. :-)