Monday, December 30, 2013

Stuart Little and the Pandavas in the house of lac

Imagine my delight when I checked the Tata Sky synopses for this week’s episodes of the Mahabharat and saw the following summary for Wednesday (episode 77):

Now I feel like I have a moral responsibility to write similar 3-sentence synopses for future episodes: the first sentence should be a non-sequitur, or at least have no obvious connection with the main narrative, while the remaining two sentences should solemnly continue the plot at snail’s pace. For example –

Episode 78: Bhima and the rat jive to the beat of “I'm Alive”. The Pandavas wonder why the walls smell of oil and fat.
Vidura tells his men to dig a tunnel.

Episode 79: Vyasa is very angry with the Star Plus writers. S
ahadeva says there is no smoke without fire. The Pandavas uncover the plot to burn down the palace. 

Episode 80: Arjuna goes for target practice, but someone with sharp teeth has nibbled through the bow-string. Vidura informs Bheeshma about his plan. Bheeshma sighs deeply.

Episode 81: The rat considers moving somewhere safer, like the Bigg Boss house. The tunnel is half-finished. The workers take a lunch break and discuss the wickedness of the Kauravas.

Episode 82: Devdutt Pattanaik tells the rat dharma is subtle. Shakuni sends Purochana another secret message. Yudhisthira adjusts his crown and wonders if he should light a candle.

Teaser for the week after: Will the mouse douse the burning house? Find out in episode 83! Or episode 95!

(And so on. Feel free to weigh in. The epic is limitless and malleable, we must keep adding to it.)

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  1. The snail pace is so tiring!
    And I don't understand the lack of scene to scene co-ordination. There was Arjun-Yudhi exchanging meaningful glances as if they have understood the whole significance of the mouse; and the next scene they are all clueless and horsing around pointlessly about mirror-Bheem-Brihannala etc.