Thursday, May 23, 2013

Column links

Might not be updating the blog very regularly in the coming weeks, but here's something I've been meaning to do for a while: put up links, where available, to archives of my columns/features on other publications' websites. To an extent this is redundant, because expanded versions of most of those pieces are already on the blog. But I like the idea of having a few quick-access external links, now that some newspapers and magazines have competent websites (and since I don't have a properly organised archive on this one). So here goes:

The old Yahoo India film column. (Note: one link on the first page is a mistake. I know nothing about "underreported Sensex P/E ratios".)

My Sunday Guardian books column (along with a few stand-alone reviews).
Again, there are multiple pages.

Columns and reviews on the Business Standard website (which, believe it or not, looks marginally better than it did for the best part of the last decade). There seem to be dozens of pages here, and they include detritus from a light column I once did called "Neterati" (about the vagaries of online discourse) as well as sketchy opinion pieces that I now utterly disown. And, mortifyingly, some of the hurriedly-thrown-together listings I put together for a weekend books page back in the day.

Features/profiles for Caravan magazine.

Will add more as I find them, and also make them a permanent part of the blog layout at some point.

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