Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Transgressions in Indian cinema - at the Apeejay Kolkata lit-fest

A reminder about the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival - the schedule of events (PDF file) is here. I'm moderating a session titled "Transgressions: Essaying the New in Indian Film" with Shyam Benegal, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Onir and Mira Hashmi on January 10, so do drop in if you're around and interested.

And here's the schedule as a Jpeg. (Click to enlarge.)


  1. It would be really interesting to know about the new waves, if any, in the regional cinema.
    I will heartily recommend the Marathi film Gandh (the smell) by Sachin Kundalkar. It is on youtube with subtitles. It is among the best Indian movies I saw last year.

  2. Hey ..I have been a long-time reader of your blog and know that you always go to the Jaipur Lit Fest.. I have always wanted to go and this year finally Im going and needed some tips from you ..Im in process of booking the hotel stay and wondering which if any is a preferable one ..Im going for the first time and would appreciate any help..Thanks!

  3. Rahul: thanks. I suspect there will be very little talk of non-Hindi and non-Bengali cinema at this panel though!

    Dips: whenever I've gone to Jaipur it's been as a guest/delegate, so I haven't arranged my own accommodation. But I know of a couple of places that are reasonably close to the fest venue - you could try Bhim Vilas for one, think there should be info about it online.

  4. Thanks have you been placed in Diggi palace itself always ?

  5. Dips: no, never in Diggi Palace itself. The one time I stayed there was when I had gone at another time of year, for something unrelated to the festival.