Thursday, September 13, 2012

An online chat about Jaane bhi do Yaaro

As some of you may have heard, the NFDC-restored print of Jaane bhi do Yaaro is getting a theatrical rerelease next month – it will be shown at selected PVR halls. The print is part of the excellent “Cinemas of India” project, which I wrote about in this essay for Caravan.

Anyway, just to say I’m doing a webchat on the CNN-IBN site tomorrow, about the film and my book on it. At this point I have successfully erased most memories related to the book, so the chat may turn out to be a damp squib. But
show up if you’re interested - it begins at 3 pm IST and this is the link.


  1. I wish it was a bit later in the day...

    Will log on and see the questions and your answers!

    Bes wishes,

  2. Anjali: no problem - it will be a shortish chat and isn't likely to be very indepth or anything. Certainly not more indepth than the things I've already said about the JBDY book in articles and interviews (here and here, for example).

  3. Your Caravan article was brilliant. I recently viewed Ardha Satya in a screening (the last time I had watched it, was the 80's and I still in my single-digital years) and realised that it was perhaps one of the most brilliant Hindi movies ever made, content and cinematically (I do dig hyperboles :) ). Let's hope they restore this classic too.