Friday, March 23, 2012

Age-fudging, revisited

My dad is older than he claims, reveals Sonam Kapoor in today's HT City. I liked this excerpt from the story:
So, what is his real age? "I am not going to tell that. He is 1956 born."
How vividly I remember a time when it was possible to (gasp!) compute a person's age if you knew their birth-year. How much we've lost as a species. But that isn't what I'm leading up to. My point is, I feel vindicated. This post was clearly years ahead of its time.


  1. Sonam Kapoor for Finance Minister! She gets my vote...

  2. Hey Jai, did you see this article in the WSJ about actors upset with IMDB for revealing their ages? Some are upset because the age is correct (ageism fears) and others because it's wrong (birthday cakes brought out inopportunely). Your piece from 2006 anticipates this, eh?

  3. I have a T-shirt with 'I can see your lips moving,but all I hear is blah blah blah' printed on it.If Sonam Kapoor ever honoured me with her company,I have a feeling I'd be wearing it a lot.
    All this reminds me of Saki's character Reginald,who couldn't arrive at eighteen till his mother remained at thirty nine.And so he was 17 for three birthdays,to be mathematically exact.

  4. i hope sonam tells the truth about her age :-)

  5. Because "real age" does not depend on the year you were born.