Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just linking... the Saffron Tree blog, which is a nice resource for children's literature. A few days ago they did this interview with my friend Radhika Chadha, the author of many fine picture books published by Tulika. And in the archives there is also this interview with another friend Anu Kumar, who has written the Myth Quest series and In the Country of Gold-Digging Ants, apart from books for older readers. All worth checking out if you want to get your child into the reading habit. 

(And why wouldn't you? It helps keep them out of trouble. That is, until they grow up, become writers and start expressing views that other people don't like.)


  1. Thank you Jai Arjun Singh for linking to Saffron Tree.

  2. Hey Jai, you are wonderful; its so very kind of you to mention this and the link to saffrontree. Its truly a great resource, many thanks, anu
    ps - was away in India with no access to the net, so seeing this only now. hope things are fine with you.