Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Updates: new tabs + Yahoo column

I've been tinkering around with the blog again, mainly with the hope of freeing up space on my cluttered sidebars. Have added a couple of tabs that link to standalone pages, including one for media coverage - this will be a storehouse for reviews of my two books, interviews and so on. It's quite basic at the moment, but will expand it soon by putting up more scanned images and blurbs. Feedback welcome (though it won't be acted on if it involves doing complicated things to the template!).

In other news, my Yahoo! India film column "Persistence of Vision", which was on a hiatus, should be starting again next week. The archive is up now, look through it if you're interested. (Most of the columns are also on the blog.) In the near future, I hope to be writing about Hrishikesh Mukherjee's great film Satyakam and the so-bad-it's-almost-great 1980 film Red Rose, with Rajesh Khanna as a psychotic killer of women (he hates them all because one of them tried to seduce him back in the days when he was Master Mayur).


  1. Heh Red Rose! Then surely, I hope, you also write about the far superior original?!

  2. Gradwolf: unfortunately, no - haven't seen it. But writing about Red Rose should be a lot more fun anyway!

  3. Satyakam and Red Rose! Two of my favourite films. Maybe you need an assistant or something? *looks hopeful*
    (Long-time lurker, way too much in awe to comment earlier)
    Also, any template with a pet in the header is perfect as it is.

  4. Sweet! Last night I also made some improvements to my blog (I've added a F.B. like button:). It must be something in the air! Lol!

    It looks good.

  5. I'm not a fan of "Satyakam" so I'm looking forward to your piece...maybe I'll finally get what everyone sees in that film.:-0

  6. Shalini: "everyone"? Really? As far as I know, it's one of his most under-seen movies (especially among viewers aged 50 and under), and it was a big flop when it came out. Even my wife, who has a near-encyclopaedic knowledge of Hindi movies of the time, had confused it with Anupama and didn't remember it at all when we did see it. But glad to know there are others who like it!

  7. Satyakam and Red Rose! Two of my favourite films.

    Parul: I sincerely hope you don't like them in the same way though! :D
    Good to hear from you - have your book, though haven't been able to read it yet. Hope to.

  8. Good article. From http://www.bangalorewithlove.com

  9. I think what Shalini means is that the subset of people who have seen it,more often than not, like it.
    I have to admit my reading of Satyakam on first viewing ages ago was simplistic, but on a second viewing it did not come off as the Shool(Manoj Bajpayee) like movie that I remembered it to be.
    Will wait for your post.