Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hot Harsha

Haven't been watching cricket for years so it's a bit of a shock to turn on the TV and see how much has changed. Replays and overrules for LBWs? And is it just me or does Harsha Bhogle look incredibly hot with this new hair-transplant thingie? I was a fan of his throughout my cricket-watching phase, but never quite in that way. Now it's brains and eloquence AND looks. Wow.


  1. I am guessing you aren't being sarcastic. I had the exact opposite reaction. I thought his hair looked like a bunch of frizzy threads piled up untidily right above his forehead.

    For Harsha's sake, I hope more people feel the same as you!


  2. I find vanity off putting. Even more among men (should I be saying this on women's day?!) And among the "brainy" lot - what a fall my countrymen!

  3. At last, a couple of comments on what I thought was the most profound post ever written on this blog!
    Lakshmi: not completely sarcastic, to be honest - despite my reservations about people using such techniques to hide their age, I actually think Harsha looks good and that he's carrying it off well. (At the same time, the "hot" comment mustn't be taken at face value!)

    Deepa: come now - we "brainy" types should be allowed some leeway. (That said, I've had salt-and pepper hair since I was around 20.)

  4. He's much too intelligent to be anchoring inane post-game shows, with morons like Sidhu. But I suppose the visibility that the role brings is much too tempting to refuse.

  5. I didn't notice he is\was bald till he got the transplant.

  6. is probably just you Jai.