Saturday, February 26, 2011

Popcorn in stores - buy while it's hot and crackling

The Popcorn Essayists: What Movies do to Writers is in bookstores now, so please do spread the word to anyone who enjoys high-quality film-related writing.

It was quite a thrill to see the book prominently displayed in the Bahrisons at the DLF mall, Saket yesterday, all the more so because I never experienced this pleasure with the Jaane bhi do Yaaro book. (No, don't ask why. You'd think there was greater promotional scope there, given that it was part of a series of film books that could have been marketed and displayed together. But we'll let that pass.)

[Both books are also on Flipkart, of course: here and here]


  1. Bought both!!
    How/when can I get them autographaed?

    Yes, availability of books in India is a bit of a challenge. Though I don't know WHY it is so.

  2. Looks another interesting read. Ordered today on flipkart. I love the writings of Amitava Kumar. looking forward.

  3. Or maybe we should wait a couple of months to chomp on the cold, mushy popcorns, but which come at a discount of 50% ;-).

    Ok, I am a philistine who's temporarily suffering from buyer's remorse. More so because thanks to my family members, I have yet to lay my hands on the JBDY book.

    BTW, the JBDY book seems to have gotten good reviews. Congrats.

  4. Sounds tempting! I'll think about it. Thanks for inspiration