Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dog's little soldiers + how to count

From a newspaper article today about how caring Delhiites can be:
Delhiites are a compassionate lot when it comes to stray dogs. The survey says 66 per cent of the respondents actively feed dogs.

The reasons given are here:

"My panditji has asked me to feed a black dog."

"I feel I do good business when the first thing I do in the morning is feed the dog sitting in front of my office."
That's it, just those two reasons; or maybe there were others but the paper felt they were too boring/irrelevant to include. Also, no mention of whether panditji asked the respondent to spell "dog" with an extra "g" to ensure even more good luck. ("If you do this, you will record a bestselling hip-hop album and become quickly rich. That will be Rupees Five Thousand for consultation please.")

While on newspapers, can someone please teach Mr Bachchan a thing or two about the concept of birthdays? The man has been wagging his finger at journalists and telling them that today is his 68th, not his 67th - with the result that this is what has been widely reported. Um, wrong. If you were born on this day in 1942, you turn 67 (2009 minus 1942) today. "Turning 67" or "celebrating your 67th birthday" is another way of saying that you have completed 67 full years of existence. Which means you will begin your 68th year tomorrow. But it's still your 67th birthday today.

In other words, the day you were born was NOT your first birthday. It's a bit confusing at first, but it shouldn't be too hard to grasp for someone who read and understood the scripts of films like Eklavya: The Royal Guard and Sarkar Raj.


  1. On how to count : OUCH! Nice one!

  2. My uncle also confused me thoroughly in a similar fashion! He's a bit older than Mr. Bachchan, seventy six this year according to me, seventy seven according to him.
    If they wish to be older I suppose we should just let 'em!

  3. AB might have a bit of Korean blood in him. Babies in Korea are considered to be a year old when they are born.

  4. JeebanRam, are they doing another Bolly remake of OldBoy - the AB version? :-)

  5. And then there is senility...

  6. Mr Bachchan is an irritating old brush, always venting spleen on the media, finding time to write pages and pages about it on his blog. Not that some tabloids sometimes don't deserve it, but it becomes overkill when he goes about nitpicking even small tabloids that people will not even read or take seriously.