Thursday, April 09, 2009

Persistence Resistance '09

I've been caught up with various things and it'll probably take a while for regular blogging to resume, but here's a shout-out for the 2009 edition of Magic Lantern's Persistence Resistance film festival. If you're in Delhi between April 17-19 it's worth checking out. (See this post about some of the films that were shown at last year's fest; many of those will be screened again.) Alongside the standard auditorium screenings, there will be video parlours, as there were last year, and the "Filmmakers' Parlours" will showcase the work of Paromita Vohra, Sanjay Kak, Madhushree Dutta and others. The full schedule is here.


  1. That was long... where were you... didn't have much to read on the subject for long.

    Let's plan some of these movies together. I will depend on you to decide the list.

  2. Mrutyu: what "subject"? Anyway, I probably won't be going for the festival - not likely to be in Delhi around that time. Have fun though, and let's plan something generally.