Thursday, March 19, 2009

Updates from Indian Wells and ToB

Can't believe the lad pulled this one off. After facing an opponent who's a terrible match-up for him and who hammered him in their last two matches. After looking well and truly beaten in the first set and then facing five match points in the second set. (I had already written a score-update SMS to a friend saying "Nalbandian wins 6-3, 6-4" and was about to press Send.) Then he comes back and takes the final set 6-0. Someday Rafael Nadal will be hauled to court for causing someone's head to fall off because they were shaking it so hard.

In other, vaguely related news, the Tournament of Books is on and Hari Kunzru's My Revolutions has just beaten Marilynne Robinson's Home (for the record, I loved both books). Netherland, The White Tiger and Unaccustomed Earth are some of the top seeds to have been knocked out so far, but there are some intriguing match-ups to come. And some notable judges, including Junot Díaz.


  1. Naah-daahl: master of the brilliantly timed Bounce Back.

    Way to go, maan! Let's hear it for ilm, now!

  2. I know, I know.

    -- butterfingers no more

  3. In Tennis, Nadal is going where no one has gone before .
    He is mentally so strong that he may break a glass if he concentrates hard on it :)