Monday, January 28, 2008


Blogging might be infrequent for some time – have been very busy, both with work and because of various family matters, and that will probably continue for at least the next week. (Will try to keep putting up stuff that I’m writing professionally.) It was particularly unfortunate having to miss the Jaipur Literature Festival this year – would have liked to be there for the whole week, beginning with the Translating Bharat conference, but in the end couldn’t make it at all. Oh well, c’est la vie. However, I’ll be in Mumbai for 2-3 days for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival; am participating in two panel discussions, one on online writing on Feb 7, the other on banned books on Feb 8. (KGAF schedule here.) More soon.


  1. couldn't go there myself, was waiting for an update, `aakhon dekha haal from u. Nevermind, as u said, 'c'est la vie'indeed.

  2. Likewise. Was waiting for your take on the Jaipur Fest. What a pity. Hope I'll be able to go kabhi na kabhi!