Thursday, October 25, 2007

Congrats to Amit...

...for winning the Bastiat Prize. Being nominated was an achievement in itself, but this is great news. Met him a few weeks ago when he was passing through Delhi and had my fingers crossed when I learnt he was going to NY, so very happy for him. A nod to Mint as well, for allowing him the space and the freedom for a column that has often touched on subjects/voiced opinions that mainstream media tends to be queasy about.


  1. Courage with conviction is important in good journalism. Sadly this has rarely happened, Amit Varma's 'Thinking it through' is brilliant, witty and also has the conviction to say what it believes in.

    Great to see this really happening instead of the superficial 'Journalism of Courage' that the Indian express subscribes to. Less said about the Journalism of sensational news these days the better.

  2. Hey Jai! Do you know that an interview by Abhilasha was published in, (!),


    Do tell her that I liked her interview with Jaideep Sahni.

  3. Anon: I know, that's part of the Rediff-Business Standard tie-up. I liked the Jaideep Sahni interview too.

  4. Anon, thanks. Glad you liked the article. Jaideep's a delight.

  5. Hello, Abhilasha! Jai told us a few posts back that you don't read his blog.

    Good to see you here. Would love to hear a few (informal) words from you.


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  7. Anon: the comments section isn't for off-topic chit-chat. Use email if you want to carry this discussion further (my ID is on the Profile).

  8. i cannot sit thru amit varma amusing column!!!!! ah the exclamation marks