Monday, September 24, 2007

Diggi Palace photus

A squirrel sneaks his way into a feed-bowl while the stern-expressioned parrot on guard is looking the other way.

(Click to enlarge)

Yes yes, I know the photo is grainy and unfocused – a camera upgrade is in order and I definitely need a better Zoom option (I bought a very basic digicam two years ago – wasn’t comfortable with the technology so figured it was better to be cautious – and am still using it). But I still like the sneaky Brer Rabbit/Brer Fox feel of the scene. This was taken at the Diggi Palace lawn in Jaipur, where the wife and I had a very nice...was going to say weekend, but it was more like a day and a half, of which 10 hours were spent on the highway. A friend called us to Jaipur for a dinner party and we grabbed the opportunity to get out for a while; we’ve been planning an outing for what has seemed like forever but it just hasn’t happened, what with continuing family illnesses and general work-related stuff. (In fact, with various deadlines whooshing at and past me all of last week, it wasn’t until Thursday that I knew for sure I could go.)

Perhaps because we were so keen to make the most of even the shortest getaway, we ended up having a really good time – no small thanks to the Diggi Palace, which is a wonderful place to stay in. I’m familiar with it, having attended the last two editions of the Jaipur Literature Festival there (some posts here, here and here), but I’d never actually stayed there before. Strongly recommended for anyone visiting the Pink City: very conveniently located, lots of greenery, good rooms at reasonable rates, and deckchairs (which Amit, Chandrahas, Space Bar, Nilanjana and Nikhil will no doubt remember from our Lit visits). And the owner’s little pup was gamboling about the lawn, which made for an excellent stress-buster.

Also can’t help but share this picture. Maybe Doris (apropos this old post by Amit) is the rickshaw-driver's wife?

(There was also a sign on the highway for a restaurant called "The German Café" that said "Only Vegetarian Food. With Authentic Desi Ghee." But no photo – you’ll have to take our word for it.)


  1. Oh God, you're beginning to look like Jairam Ramesh. Abhilasha's as pretty as ever, though. And as thin. Sigh.

  2. Jai - you've confirmed my suspicion that the squirrel and the parakeet are in fact trained creatures employed by the Diggi to entertain guests - even animatronic.

    Nice to see the photo of you and Abhilasha.

  3. Georgia: freaky coincidence! Love some of the pics in your Jaipur folder btw.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that the "Doris Express" is named after my mother Doris from the U.S. We purchased this rickshaw for Shiva in 2007. Shiva dedicated the new rickshaw to my Mom after her last visit to Jaipur in 2006. She passed away a few months later. She loved India and the many friends that we have made at Diggi House over the last 10 years. Thanks for the photo !

  5. Donna: thanks for the comment. I figured there might be a story like that associated with it - there are many such floating around Jaipur.