Saturday, August 11, 2007

The moo's last sigh

The sweet little creatures that lurk on’s message-boards** have infested my site! A new comment on an old Kiran Nagarkar post:
hey mister kiran com on now grow up, you also know if cows are not used for eating than they will increase and after words u will only complait to the municipaly and government that the cows are blocking the roads, are man, do u know that what ur ancestors use to eat? the blood which u have in ur body is it of true vegiterian? just grow up and think and dont waist ur life dear, i think u also know the truth but u hide for ur profit wont u? this all tress, food earth, sun, animals are for humans dear,
Apologies to Delhi Times and HT City for all the mean things I’ve said about them. The above paragraph is arguably worse than anything that appeared on the front pages of those estimable publications today.

** For reassurance that human stupidity is alive and well, head over to Rediff and check the comments on ANY of their news items about Sania Mirza or Indian cricket. Great entertainment.


  1. But s/he's making a good point. I like him/her.

  2. Heh, I thought reading comments to articles on rediff was only my guilty pleasure :D

  3. you rude man. stop making fun of the poor incoherent.

    ps. i adore the 'moo's last sigh'

  4. I became confident about my eeenglisss only after I read rediff message boards! I love them :)

  5. What is truly scary is that the rediff readership is largely techie - apna best and brightest at the cutting edge of the IT/BPO industry.
    Now do you understand why firangis complain about being Bangalored?

  6. Rediff's share price dropped 40%+ over the past one month and one part of me rejoices that for once the free market economy is working (and the message boards are taking their toll) while the larger part of me feels that there is no such causality.

  7. Personally, Jai, I think an increase in cows can only be good for our nation's moral values. Start mooing, dear, dont waist ur life.

  8. Your comments sections often make me wonder if it were possible to fall in love with a commentor.

    I guess, people have fallen in love during internet chats, and perhaps also by reading each others blogs. But if people were to fall in love by reading comments, I am quite sure it would be on your blog.

  9. How many layers in the cassata gelata of Indian communication capabilities can you see?

    I see good, uh-ok, bad, very bad, extremely bad, help me God. It is not even a bell curve. It is as if the middle bulge of Nessie has moved to one end.

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