Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A "self-styled" responsible newspaper?

Talking about hysterical media and Sachin, here’s another priceless addition to the canon: in the latest issue of Tehelka, the photo caption with the main cricket story goes: “Fans burn posters of the self-styled god of Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulkar…”

Self-styled god. This is the sort of thing that would be irresponsible in a tabloid. And Tehelka is supposedly a flagbearer for responsible, courageous journalism. Oh well, it's the "people's paper" after all, and you know how people behave when it comes to this sport and its players. (Maybe they should just start commissioning articles from the creatures who comment on's message boards?)


  1. So they never paid you for those articles back in the Year One.
    Must you take it so personally?

    (And you know they don't mean it, they've just heard the words and don't know what they mean)


  2. Oh no, I'm a man of integrity. In fact I received a cheque from them just a few days ago - that's how unbiased I am!

  3. Irresponsible journalism...
    I don't think that's even a thought when most people talk/report/write about cricket or films. Those two things provide everyone a free for all vent fest! And most others find it completely acceptable too.
    Having a bad day at work? Vent at the cricket team. Having a bad day at home? Vent at SRK. Having loads of general angst? Vent at cricketers and actors in the same breath while giving one's expert opinion on how to improve the state of things!
    Case in point - the creatures who comment on random forums, message boards and blogs.
    I'm just fascinated by their passion and belief in themselves when they say all that :P

  4. you got a cheque? hot damn. wheres mine?

  5. bsHave been reading your blog quite a bit. Am completely repulsed by the media's constant bashing of sachin. We as a nation don't deserve heroes really. I mean, every time india loses a game, Sachin's the easiest scapegoat. I've no doubt the same guys will be brimming with accolades the day Sachin finally decides to retire.

  6. I've no doubt the same guys will be brimming with accolades the day Sachin finally decides to retire

    Vaibhav: I certainly hope they are, but one doesn't know - the negativity has reached such a high level. Was discussing with a friend the other day how we view past players through nostalgia-tinted glasses. Someone like Viv Richards averaged only 50 in Test cricket (very low given his talent) and only 35 in the last 3-4 years of his career, but to hear the way people go on about him you'd think he never failed in a crisis situation (not that the West Indians of his time often faced crisis situations to begin with).

    Likewise Gavaskar, who made at least 8 of his centuries against the West Indies against mediocre bowling attacks (and in Tests that were comfortably drawn) - but legend has it that he scored all those hundreds against the most fearsome battery of fast bowlers.

    Hope posterity is as kind to Sachin.

  7. Hoi!
    The creatures on rediff's comment boards are the flower of India's IT industry.
    How dare you calumn the dear desh bhakt dickheads!

  8. Am really feeling sorry for Sachin. Even the media won't leave him alone.

  9. Toe Knee: Even the media?!!

    Vijayeta: you should hear some of the water-cooler conversations in my occasional office. Immensely entertaining.