Sunday, April 22, 2007


There’s many a slip between the dock and the ship. I’m going to Southampton for a few days, for a cruise on this here boat. Should be a good experience and so on but the itinerary involves a lot of travelling in a relatively short span of time, and I tend to get crotchety and headache-y when that happens. So fingers crossed etc. Also, there will be lots of things to do and see on board (rock-climbing and surfing demonstrations?! And *groan* a media conference), and little hope of lounging about on deckchairs like people do in brochures (not that I’m the deckchair-lounging sort anyway – way too restless).

Back by the 28th. Till then.


  1. When the title of this post popped up in my aggregator I thought it referred to Tom Cruise. Glad to see it doesn't.

    Bon voyage!

  2. Hey! Will you come this way also? I am currently in St Lucia. And will be in Barbados from the 26th till the 30th.

  3. For some reason when I think of tom cruise, all I can think of is him jumping up and down on oprah's couch...

    Hope you're not prone to seasickness though

  4. Georgia: thanks!

    Shamya: don't be silly. you know it's a 3-4 day official trip, I can't just pop across to another continent on whim.

    Twilight fairy: no, I meant "this here boat". It's quaint, old-style (or auld-style) language. Or colloquialism. Or something.

    Renovatio: I hope not too. I'm told seasickness isn't such a problem on a ship of this size - unless of course a giant Poseidon-type wave comes and turns it over, in which case seasickness will seem like a relatively small problem.

  5. Jabs: I stopped on the site that the link took me to for a minute and it said 'Caribbean' and stuff. So where exactly do you go on the cruise? - Shamya

  6. Have fun! That's one big mutha!

  7. Will you manage to go ashore at Southampton? It's a dreary town - a far cry from what it was when it was a bustling port. But if you are willing to travel 45 mins by train, you can get up to Winchester, the ancient capital of England

    In any event, Winchester has got some of the best pubs in the south-east. They are horridly expensive though - as expensive as the London ones.

    Any train from Southampton towards London Waterloo will pass via Winchester.

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  9. When I saw the title of this post, I thought you referred to the inevitable cruise that makes at least one appearance in every journalist's lifetime. Yes, I mean the Star Cruises Virgo thingy that feels like Karol Bagh with a swimming pool. This I guess is a step ahead in the cruise pecking order. Keep a lookout for the feather turban wearing dancing ladies though, every cruise ship has a few I'm told.

  10. Have a great trip. And Tom Cruise is like history to me; the title made me think no-blogging-by-you-for-a-while-now. waiting for your post about this cruise though, I wish it's interesting. :)

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  12. Hello Mr.Jabberwock. Just in case you check ur comments on board the cruise, I got a question for you - this here 'european film festival' starting in delhi on 28th, does one need to procure tickets / passes beforehand or does one just land up at the venue quite sure that there will be enough space?

    new in delhi, but old jabberwock reader

  13. Chandrachud: not sure about the EU fest. Last year's edition was a land-up-at-venue thing but this year it's at the British Council, right? That's usually a more complicated venue.

    Vinod: thanks, but unfortunately no scope for going anywhere in or around Southampton.

    Shrabonti: ya, Abhilasha's gone on the Virgo cruise. Liberty *ahem* is a good 4-5 steps ahead in the pecking order.

    Adi Crazy: thanks. the trip was good. I put up 4-5 posts all around the same time after the blogging hiatus, did you see them all?