Sunday, March 04, 2007

Vulcan mating; or Why I love Wikipedia

It used to be said of the Mahabharata that “what is not there is nowhere to be found”.

In the age of Wikipedia, this is clearly no longer true.
During pon farr (mating cycle), the brain is thrown into a neurochemical imbalance and loss of logic and emotional control. The individual may stop eating and sleeping. As the condition progresses, the Vulcan undergoes the plak tow, or blood fever, and becomes unable to speak or think clearly - thoughts of mating overwhelm them.
(Link. Also see Kolinahr)

(When is a battle-axe more than a battle-axe?)


  1. Very happy to find other who are clearly avoiding Holi. Suddenly Vulcan weaponry looks very attractive.

  2. It's a little-known fact that human beings also undergo pon farr. In contemporary English, it is known as 'teenage'.

    And that's a pretty impractical battle-axe, even for Star Trek. It looks more like some sort of battle-lamp-stand.

  3. When it's attached to a blood-fevered Vulcan?

    (I have to agree with Nath. Even a b.f Vulcan would find it hard to use it effectively, one feels)

    But Wiki knows all, it's true. I was talking to my boss about something, and I said Lemme just ask Wiki, and since we both have a head-boss called Vicki, much confusion ensued :D.

  4. Vulcans have emotional quotients?? Also, is that a pic of Mistah Spock during his Pon Farr, because if so, it would imply that Spock was into some kind of Weapon/Rough Sex, which makes him way cooler than he already was.

  5. That's a battle-axe? Are you sure? Looks like some form of Vulcan baseball to me. Spock's two strikes down and waiting for the pitch.

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