Sunday, March 11, 2007


My old buddy Shamya Dasgupta – one-time soulmate, now a sports journalist of good standing with Headlines Today – is in the West Indies for the next 50 or so days, covering this world cup thing that’s rumoured to be happening there. He’s started a World Cup Diary in his very entertaining, conversational (and carelessly irreverent/non-politically correct) style – first couple of posts here and here. I’m sure we can expect a few more, even after he gets busy with the matches, so keep checking the site or add it to your Bloglines or Google Reader subscriptions.

(Note: Shamya is also the only person I know who would describe a long, exhausting, soul-annihilating journey from Delhi-London and London-Montego Bay [including a few hours spent at Heathrow between flights] as “fantastic flying”. WTF does that term even mean?)


  1. you bet, I shall keep a track. the bugger writes mostly when he is abroad on an assignment. Btw who is to blame: domestic chores here or free (piece)meals there?

  2. Pankaj: yes, he's a high-flying sort - comes back to India once in a way when he wants a Bong meal (or for ass-surgery) but spends the rest of the time globe-trotting with his laptop. Such restless boys I tell you, these TV journos...

  3. WTF indeed....