Monday, February 12, 2007

Award alerts

The nominations for the Indibloggies have been announced. You might baulk at the number of nominees in some categories, but on the whole I think it’s a stronger, more satisfying list than last year’s. As a one-time humanitarian I’m especially pleased to see so many strong contenders in the Humanities category this time, though it’s a personal disappointment that Alok’s blog didn’t make it to the final list – especially since he writes about books and films you won’t see discussed anywhere else in the Indian blogosphere.

Public polling begins tomorrow, check the site for details.

(Meanwhile, may I also direct you to the recently announced Indifloggies, which invites nominations for sites run by incestuous male bloggers in such categories as “Blogger most likely to not have interacted with the female of the species ever, except for his mother” and “Dukhi atma of the year”. I think I have a 40 per cent chance of being nominated for both.)


  1. Me, I'm gunning for the Dilip Kumar award.

    And yes, it is a shame about Dispatches from Zembla.

  2. hey, thanks guys :) I feel I have already won!

  3. Totally love your Blog - keep it up!! I wanted to recommend a new york based Bollywood Blog to you - think you'd like it:

  4. Jabberwock ji, we actually liked you to begin with. Now we like you even more, for linking to us. Who knows, you might not even be nominated. Unless you want to be nominated, of course. We could always make an allowance.

  5. Arrey! "Dukhi aatma" and deprived of "female interaction"? Don't you consider your interviewees as interaction? :p

    OTOH - I already told you , the female journo (cum blogger cum fan) asked a zillion times whether you were joining the blog meet :p :D. Maybe you should have. :)

  6. Jwock: I'm sure Alok is good at heart and all that but to me reading his blog is what I imagine climbing Everest on a bad day is like: dense fog, the struggle to get somewhere and the fatal, final, exhausted decision to give up and come back to surer land. Followed of course by eternal eternal depression.

    It is probably just me of course. After all Nawang Gombu did it twice. Without oxygen.


  7. I cast my votes today... Was happy to see Windy Skies in the final five under the travel blogs.