Friday, January 26, 2007

Colour us saffron (and green, and white)

So here are some of the things The Times of India advises its readers to do to "show your love for India":

"Wear a tattoo with Indian colours. There is one with today's issue of The Times of India itself. Go on, wear it!"

[note they don't specify where]

"Get your face painted in the colours of the Indian flag"

"Wear the Indian flag on your lapel"

[while making sure the flagpole doesn't pierce your carotid artery]

"Sing patriotic songs while you are with friends and while you are traveling. Soon perfect strangers will join in too!"

[...and use the joyous occasion to molest your girlfriend]

"Make the national anthem your ringtone"

"Send people messages wishing them a Happy Republic Day"

And what about this quote from Mandira Bedi:
One should remember people who have got India independence. So, I will be spending time with my memories and wearing my love for the country proudly on my sleeve.
Not sure what this means: does she have personal memories of the freedom movement or is she under the impression that Navjot Singh Sidhu and Charu Sharma were freedom fighters? Also, what sleeve?

[It's probably just coincidence that this is my 666th post]


  1. [It's probably just coincidence that this is my 666th post]

    Diabolical Jabberwock shedding scorn on "patriotism" this time? : )

  2. Ya well, as I've mentioned here before I'm not too big on patriotism (or what it quickly turns into) - but what I was shedding scorn on in this case was good old-fashioned stupidity, not patriotism...

  3. well... good old-fashioned stupidity under the wraps of "patriotism"...

    Going off a tangent to a case of extremism/ sadism: I remember an incident once at university, when a group of batchmates challenged some other students to donate a pint of blood in the name of patriotism to the army who were then bombing the villages where the homes and families of these students were.

  4. was someone sending me a message on my cell ....with a nice flag made with dots & stars & written Happy I- Day......when did we shift our Independence Day to 26th Jan???

  5. Always thought that these ToI type of exhortations were best left to the attention of the pre-teeners. Wonder why dear old Jabberwock has to take notice of them?

    Also wondered about the photographer of the molestation incident. To know that we have such fearless keepers of the national conscience, is very reassuring.
    I mean, standing at a nearby vantage point provided ( and hopefully manned ) by some police bandobast and taking documentary evidence of the whole proceedings, managing to stay safe and secure himself sans personal involvement ( of course, so that he could get the story to us, apathetic that we are ).

  6. Crazy, news can be completely amusing. When put in such hands.

  7. " she under the impression that Navjot Singh Sidhu and Charu Sharma were freedom fighters? Also, what sleeve?"

    hee hee hee. how dare you question our jhansi ki rani?

  8. I agree with all those who are in favor of moderation when it comes to patriotism. In bare words patriotism in nothing but self interest at best. Of course everybody likes their place of birth! there is no need for a declaration!