Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dubai photos

(Click on pics to enlarge)

Ice sculpture at the snow dome in Ski Dubai

Idiot tourist at the snow dome, posing as an Eskimo (a late entry for the silly pic meme)

The desert safari pictures haven’t come out well, but this is the Bedouin campsite that awaited us at the end of the safari – complete with food, drinks, tents to relax in, and a belly-dancer

(Photo of this blogger perched atop a dune bike will be sold to the highest bidder)

View from my hotel window. The Dubai Museum is in the foreground

The museum’s large underground section has some extremely well put together lifesize representations of village life in days past, with atmospheric lighting and sound effects. Given how much Dubai wants to flaunt its modern, glass-and-concrete side, it feels strange to see this stuff – and it’s almost symbolic that it’s tucked away in a basement. This is a depiction of a group of men having shisha and evening tea

Another lifesize representation, this one from the village heritage site at Hatta

Random scribblings on the rocks of the Hatta foothills. According to our tour guide, this sort of thing is done by local Romeos who want to leave their names and phone numbers for girls

The Italian-themed Mercato mall. Corridors and spaces between shops made up to resemble Venetian streets and suchlike, but the brands were the same as can be found in every other major mall in the world

The 120-boat marina at the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

Bonus: Idiot tourist holding snow for photograph that took very long to click. Full picture unpublishable because of expression on idiot tourist’s face

(Those delicate blogging fingers were frostbitten for an hour)


  1. Perhaps being an inveterate reader of your blog, specifically for the film feeds, makes me chafe when I don't read something connected to celluloid: consider this a gentle encouragement to watch Apocalypto... I am not saying anything for or against this Mel Gibson opus, I just want to hear someone intelligent hold forth on the subject. (Note the unashamed flattery here)Yes...?

  2. Came very close to seeing it at the Cinestar at the Mall of the Emirates. Had a couple of hours to kill before the cab came to pick me up, almost bought the ticket for the film, but then discovered it was two-and-a-half hours long.

  3. Jai:

    Looks like you had a ball in Dubai. Just wanted to say again how good it was to hang out with you in Delhi -- and thanks again for the birthday flowers!

    Keep in touch.

  4. Good to meet you too, Georgia. Hope you enjoyed the GV summit. Merry Christmas to you and Nicholas...

  5. Oh c'mon...publish the full photograph. If you can publish the one with the beard, then why not this one?

  6. That eskimo picture was priceless...!

  7. I would like to bid for the Eskimo picture... starting price Rs. 1001...

    Just because you kept on clicking others and never gave a chance to others to capture in something funny like this... I will also bid for the one in that Akhada...

  8. Mrutyu: dude, why are you bidding for photos that are already in the public domain? If you're interested in the dune-bike one, it starts at Rs 2001 - or a couple of dinner treats at a PVFR dhaba...