Sunday, June 04, 2006

Interviews with bloggers

First City magazine has a very readable section on blogging in its latest issue, featuring snappy interviews with some practitioners of this fine art – including yours truly. I’ve been part of blogging-related stories before, and have read quite a few others, but most of them were uninformed and dealt in the most awful clichés. This one was among the few that didn’t make me cringe. (I was a bit sceptical when they told me the interview would be in the form of a Gmail chat – it seemed to tie in with preconceptions about blogging being a forum for socialising – but it was very nicely done in the end. The presentation is quite neat and they managed to use most of what was a very long chat session.)

Other bloggers interviewed: eM, Anand, the War for News guys and a blog I hadn’t heard of before, called Smell My Undies. [The magazine cover has “Smell My Undies” written just above “Jabberwock”. My grandparents must be so proud!]

P.S. This issue also has some decent profiles of young authors, including Samit, Altaf Tyrewala, Sarnath Banerjee and Gautam Malkani. The literary coverage is very extensive, which is good to see given what short shrift books get in most publications.


  1. Oh, so you do respond to some gmail chats, hmm? Especially the ones that don't begin with a rude oye, one presumes?

    P.S. And like a true blog groupie, I will not refrain from saying 'wow, I got the first comment in'!!

    P.P.S. How does one get a copy of the mag?

  2. Interesting. Will get hold of the magazine if I can.

  3. Yup read the issue. Great mag! Glad they don hv an online the touch feel paper thing!