Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cinema and the blogosphere

As anyone who’s read this blog for some time will know, I write many ponderous posts on the nature of reviewing/blogging/the writing process (a few examples here, here, here, here, here and here). It’s often a tiresome, self-defeating thing to do because there’s just no way to say everything I want to say, even in a long post; and anyway, I keep changing my mind about these things. But here’s another one - a post on movie-blogging that I was asked to do for DesiPundit’s first birthday.

[Also see Falstaff’s excellent post on creative writing in the blogosphere.]


  1. Read both the posts. But liked ur piece on HT today. Waiting for the sequel :-)

  2. *groan* don't remind me about that HT piece, please...long and sordid story behind it, no fun at all. Want to banish it from my mind as fast as possible.

  3. Jai
    Read your piece. Very nicely written. I especially like the way you described your approach towards the end, and dont think it is at all idealistic. Write on.

  4. Jai,
    Your posts are especially absorbing when they show a glimpse of your 'struggle.' As someone who thinks a lot about making a life as a writer in India, I am intrigued by and interested in precisely that state of being. While I've enjoyed your insightful posts on film, I think there is an acute social commentator in you who should take centre stage. I loved your post about being a divorced woman in India, and not because of the 'sharing' that you and your friend so thoroughly mocked, but because of that Tolstoy-Chekov like eye for social drama. I think we need more writers who can be revamped realists for the India of now, who can present stylish, irreverent, comic (not snarky)social vignettes. So please keep writing about writing so we know how that process happens. OK, that was longwinded.

  5. Chandi, ventilatorblues: thanks a lot for the encouragement. Unfortunately I think I might have to take a break from writing about writing, at least for a little while - it's difficult to sustain. I also get a bit self-conscious when doing the social commentary - but let's see.