Thursday, January 26, 2006


If you want more about the Jaipur festival, do also see these posts by Nikhil: this one is a compilation of many interesting quotes, and this one has some more photographs from our trip.

I'll continue updating too, but probably won't be able to post until tomorrow. Lots of work. My posts so far are here, here and here.

Meanwhile, young Chandrahas is back to lit-blogging too, though not about the fest: check out his latest posts, this one on José Saramago and this one on the Hungarian poet Attila Jozsef (I love the headline, it's so Chandrahas - sorry, Hash!).


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  2. some one had a lot of fun at work! eh? by the way, when's your article on pallika and its businesses going to be published? which edition of outlook.. or is it already out?

  3. Deepak: it's in Outlook's City Limits magazine - came out last week.