Friday, December 16, 2005

Sixer! Sixer!

Sitemeter informs me that Jabberwock crossed the six-figure mark sometime yesterday. That’s total visits since December 2004, when I installed the counter. So thank you for your patronage etc - and that includes the many, many of you who came here searching for "sexy Urdu stories" and "what to do on suhaag raat". You’re all welcome.

And don’t worry that this will go to my head. I was preening for a bit but then I remembered that blogs like this one get 10 times as many hits in a day as I did in a year.

In the blogosphere, as anyplace else, it’s all relative.

P.S. Disregard the Blogpatrol counter - that was installed later, disappeared altogether for a couple of months in between and generally behaved badly through the year.


  1. Frumious, my dear chap, doncherknow, what! The mome raths outgrabe like billy-o!

    Now maybe when you hit your tenth million you'll do something about the font ...


  2. So, umm...How many hits do you get in a week?.


    Hi, I'm Nikhil. :P

  3. JAP: for the umpteenth time, use Bloglines! That way all you'll see is black text against a white background. No template. (Of course, that also means fewer hits for me)

    Hi Nikhil!
    Do the math yourself - or actually don't, because averaging it out won't work. traffic started increasing in a big way around 6 months ago.

  4. Now that I'm here, I demand a sexy urdu story. Or a suhaag raat manual. Or both.

  5. O-KAYYY...and why on earth would someone think they can come looking for sexy urdu stories and suhaag-raat 101 unles you've (unwittingly) given them reason to believe...

  6. Vijayeta: I don't give them reason to believe. Good ol' Google does.

  7. :))
    i think is better than the sitemeter..

    anyway hope u would add couple more )s in 2006:)

  8. Suhaag raat eh? SO brisk hits in the wedding season am sure :) May the internet gods bless ya with loads more.. hits ie :)