Saturday, October 29, 2005

Online Journalism Review on the IIPM fracas

You may already have seen this story (more popular bloggers have linked to it), but just in case you haven’t please do read one of the most comprehensive summaries of the IIPM controversy: Business school flap a 'breakout moment' for Indian blogosphere.

It was done by Mark Glaser for the Online Journalism Review a couple of days ago. There’s more information here than there was in most of the stories done in the Indian media, and it’s certainly much more balanced than the shockingly blinkered piece that appeared in Outlook last week.

The link again.


  1. Jai, hope everything is alright with you.

  2. Started taking the Express from today (with ulterior motives, shall mail you on that). I suspect you save your best reviews for the blog.


  3. Thalassa: thanks, yes I'm fine. Was in another marketplace myself around the time of the bombs, which of course makes the whole thing more immediately scary. Found out what had happened only on the way home. Been tracking the news channels since.

    JAP: hmmm, I was actually quite happy with the Bougainvillea House review (will be posting it here soon) - but your standards, as ever, are painfully exacting.

    (BTW, I haven't been writing reviews exclusively for the blog for some time now.)

  4. wasnt suprised by iipm reaction, but certainly by outlook article