Monday, October 10, 2005

Blog wars: spreading the word

This is to help spread awareness about certain reprehensible developments that have followed the publication of a story on Arindam Chaudhuri’s IIPM by JAM magazine a couple of months ago. Rashmi Bansal, the magazine’s editor, and Gaurav Sabnis, one of the most widely read Indian bloggers, have recently been victimised, on and off the blogosphere, by a bunch of hoodlums; the latest is that Gaurav has quit his job at IBM following apparent threats by IIPM students that they would burn Thinkpads in protest (?!).

Amit Varma has summarised the story so I’ll just link to this post by him. Please read it and look at the links he’s provided as well. In particular, check this clarifying post by Rashmi and the abusive comments on it. DesiPundit is also tracking the story.

If you’re concerned about this development (and its ramifications for bloggers), please link to it on your blogs, or do what you can to publicise the story.


  1. Am TV journalist. Am INCENSED at what has happened to Guarav Sabnis. Im going to make sure the TV channels pick it up and name and shame IIPM.

    thanks for the info.


  2. Where is freedom of speech? is all one can say after reading the story. But i feel gaurav should have let IIPM students burn their laptops. Every news channel would have covered the incident and IIPM students would have got the trade union goonda tag which would have stopped anyone from hiring them for the next few years at least. Anyway, we doubt they would have the guts to burn their laptops.

    S. Vijaya

  3. Hey... You'll hopefully see the story on NDTV very soon.

  4. I guess you write better Travelogues and would be even better if you write something for the Trade!!