Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Photo back(b)log: Bir trip

I didn’t start using the photo-blog facility until a couple of months ago, so am now adding visuals to some of the earlier posts that I think deserve it. To start with, here’s the republished post of my trip to the monastic university near Bir early this year. Not great photos, but I think they give a sense of the grandeur of the university. Once again, it's a must-visit if you're planning a hill trip to that region.

P.S. haven’t been able to upload the larger version of the pics (as I would’ve liked to), because of Net speed etc. Maybe later.


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  2. Tsk tsk Rahul, so many months of blog-reading and you still don't know the basic etiquette? 1) Leave your comment on the relevant post, not an unrelated one, and 2) Get the joke, don't be one

  3. obviously what i said in the previous home hit home(and hard) otherwise your reply would not have been reduced to this bitch-rant.

  4. Don't bet on it RS - I enjoy bitch-rants for their own sake too (they give you something to do when you don't have a social life etc)

    And this thread is officially closed now.

  5. Thanks for taking me back to this piece. I missed it because I only started reading you some time in April, I think.

    Links to more of your travel writing (for want of a better term), please?


  6. Thanks J.A.P. I enjoyed writing that piece but in general I haven't done much travel writing. Big regret that I hadn't started blogging when I went on a cross-Britain tour early last year - it would have been a lot of fun to write about that "Live".

    The only other thing remotely resembling a travel piece on the blog is the Switzerland one: http://jaiarjun.blogspot.com/2005/05/jabberwock-slays-switzerland.html