Saturday, August 13, 2005

City supplement blooper of the day

Today’s HT City inadvertently re-casts Nicole Kidman as Hannibal Lecter, with this line from “Take 5 - Hollywood stars seen on stage”:

“Her skin-bearing performance in The Blue Room in London in 1998 had critics gasping over her body.”

I’ll be good and refrain from commenting on the ‘critics gasping over her body’ imagery.

(Yes, that’s how jobless I am now, doing typo checks on daily tabloids.)


  1. And see how jobless I am to be the first to comment here!

  2. Hehe..noticed that this morning. A mouthful of coffee formed a perfect parabola in the air for a fraction of a second. Then it landed on me.

    I cannot rid myself of the image of Nicole's corpse on stage and people gathered around making oohing and aahing sounds.

  3. happens, happens. how else would the jobless ones survive?

  4. Oh God, is this what it has come to JAS? Looking for a desk job now are you? And a blog is a good way to advertise your services. Ha ha